"V-Center Ltd." is one of the largest manufacturers of genuine leather in Ukraine. Our products are recognized in both the domestic and international markets. We regularly make changes to the technological processes and work on serious development of the company. As a rule, laboratories are used to implement ideas and improve the quality of leather. At our tannery the laboratory is an independent structural unit, certified by the state enterprise "Nikolaevstandartmetrologiya", whose activities are based on the Law of Ukraine "On metrology and metrological activity."

The premises of the laboratory fully comply with all respective sanitary norms and rules, as well as the requirements for fire safety and health and safety protection. There are all necessary measuring equipment and measuring tools at the laboratory.

The staff of the laboratory consists only of qualified employees who carry out all measurements in accordance with the scope of certification. The knowledge of employees regarding the job duties, health and safety and fire safety is regularly checked.

How to find out the quality of the leather? – a question that often arises 

Finished product is tested for such indicators of leather quality:

  • the load-elongation;

  • tensile strength;

  • chemical analysis;

  • resistance of the coating to bending and wet friction;

  • water vapor permeability and water resistance;

  • water permeability and moisture content;

  • color fastness to wet and dry rubbing.

    And this is only a part of the indicators by which the quality of the leather is measured.


    Our company is properly certified and meets the following international standards:

    In addition, the laboratory is awarded a certificate of ‘measurements performance capacity recognition’. Thanks to our own certified laboratory, we can independently carry out certification of the finished product not involving third-party organizations. This gives us a very significant advantage and makes us an independent company.

    Independent laboratory

    An independent laboratory is not the only advantage of our tannery. 

    This list also includes:

    1. Our own wastewater treatment facilities

    2. Highly qualified personnel

    3. Modern and innovative equipment allowing performing various physical and mechanical researches

    4. European level of service.

    All this allows us to provide our customers with a really high-quality product.